Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed in and dyeing

I've been lazy for part of the past week. Ever since I got my Phat Fiber samples mailed last week, I've not looked at the dyepots.

I'm in a swap on Ravelry, and while pondering what I would make for my swap partner, I realized that I had the correct weight of yarn for the project I wanted to make. I decided to dye the colors that she liked, and that's what I did last night. Well, that's what I meant to do. I thought she liked a color that I wanted to use, but when I reviewed my notes later, I realized that it wasn't one of the colors that she mentioned. Now I'm wondering if I should use it anyway because I think they'll look awesome, or if I should dye up another skein.

I don't have any full sizes skeins of the yarn or roving I sent to Phat Fiber, so they are the first on the agenda today. I'll dye them today, reskein them tomorrow after they dry, and probably get them listed on both etsy and Artfire tomorrow.

Have you signed up to get a Phat Fiber box yet? Go check out their website.

After I do that, I'll work on some ideas I've got for new colorways. Some are for Phat Fiber's February box, Minerals and Gemstones, while others are for my amusement.

Pictures of something tomorrow!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 2011 - Chinese New Year

This is Fireflowers, my contribution to the Phat Fiber box this month.
I wanted to recreate fireworks, so I tried my hand at dyeing wool, Firestar and making batts.
The yarn and the fibers are all dyed with the same colors at different depths of shade (DOS). The blue on the yarn is much more intense.
The batts are BFL layered with different colors of Firestar. The yarn is a new base which is still 75% superwash wool and 25% merino. I'm calling this base Valhalla.
During this next week I'll dye more of both and get them listed in the shops.